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63 Ways to enjoy Prime Membership

Find out all the benefots you get when you become a prime member.

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63 ways to enjoy Amazon Prime Membership

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  1. There are some important Prime delivery benefits you should know about that you might have not come across yet, including free release-date delivery and free no-rush shipping.
  2. There are a variety of shipping options open to Prime members, including FREE Same-Day Delivery or FREE One-Day Shipping on select items in qualifying areas.
  3. How soon is Now? Here's everything you need to know about Prime Now, including how you can get 1-hour delivery.
  4. Your home or office isn't always the ideal place to receive a package, and Amazon Locker, self-service kiosks located across the United States, can be a convenient alternative. We've culled everything you should know about Amazon Locker.
  5. Did you know you can turn your home or car into a locker for your Prime deliveries with Amazon Key In-Car delivery? The Amazon Key app allows you to lock and unlock doors from your phone.
  6. If you're going on a vacation, Prime delivery can help take the stress out of planning — and rescue you on the road during those inevitable times when you've forgotten something that you're going to need.
  7. When it's time to give in to that craving for some really good food delivery, learn everything you need to know about Amazon Restaurants, including whether it's available in your zip code and how Alexa can help you re-order food in a flash.
  8. May 11 is unofficially recognized as Eat What You Want Day, but you can celebrate that any day you like with the quick-delivery assistance of Amazon Restaurants. Treat yourself!

  1. Are you ready for Prime Day 2019? Recap the best of Prime Day 2018 to get an idea of the types of deals that will be coming your way.
  2. Prime members can now try on clothing before they buy with Prime Wardrobe.
  3. For some Prime shoppers, reading memorable customer product reviews can be a fun leisure pursuit.
  4. No lines, no checkout, just grab and go with your Amazon app when you shop at Amazon Go stores, which have now opened in Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago.
  5. Log on to with your Amazon Prime account — Prime members get free shipping everything from HDTVs and laptops on Woot!
  6. Prime members can shop a wide selection of sofas and sectionals and try before you buy. Take a look at the 10 best-selling couches among Prime members for ideas.

  1. Make like the CIA star of the Prime Original series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan with these seven ways to use Prime like Jack Ryan, including how to dress for espionage.
  2. X-Ray is a cool feature in Prime Video that allows you to get bios, trivia, fun facts, character backstories, extra video content and much more info about who or what you're watching without pressing pause to try to look something up on your phone. Try these four ways to use X-Ray in Prime Video.
  3. Prime users have plenty of holiday movies to consider for their marathons, and you can even take this quiz to find out which movie should be first on the list.

  1. Read about what customers are saying about the Amazon Music app and take your music and exclusive playlists with you wherever you go. Thousands of songs and albums ensure you'll never be bored.
  2. You might be surprised what songs make up the most requested music on Alexa. Case in point (and minor spoiler): One of them is "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
  3. Alexa makes Prime Music better by giving you a palette of voice-controlled options that learn what you like — and what you don't.
  4. Country star Kenny Chesney talks about tour life, his most recent album and who he'd collaborate with, dead or alive.
  5. Singer John Legend shares his love of holiday music, which goes way back, and his soon-to-be perennially classic album, A Legendary Christmas.
  6. And did you know Katy Perry recorded an Amazon Original Christmas single? In this Q&A, she talks about the making of "Cozy Little Christmas" and her favorite holiday traditions.

  1. Looking for the perfect book to read? Check out the Goodreads Choice Awards nominees in Prime Reading to find something just for you.
  2. If you want to go straight to the top with your next reading selection, you'll want to check out Educated: A Memoir, Amazon Editors' #1 pick for Best Book of 2018.
  3. Get a box of curated children's books delivered to you every one, two or three months with Prime Book Box for kids, a fun and educational subscription service designed to ignite young creative minds.
  4. Explore a new world of reading with Kindle in Motion, which are titles enhanced with added features like art, video and even animation.
  5. Play the audio version of Dark Corners: Amazon Original Stories for Halloween when you're ready to greet the trick or treaters, or read the book to quietly get into the holiday spirit at any time.

  1. Browse The hottest toys of 2018 to find the best in fun, often with an educational twist, like the STEM Club Subscription Box and the Baby Alive Baby Doll.
  2. Check out five ways gamers can get the most out of Twitch Prime, which gives players free games and in-game loot each month.

  1. If you're just setting up a new Echo, phone, tablet or E-reader, it's time to learn how to connect your new device to Prime.
  2. Even if you're a seasoned Alexa user, you will probably find something fresh in this list of seven new ways Prime members can use Alexa.
  3. Alexa can help you let your folks know you're thinking of them. Here's how to send a message to Dad (or Mom) with Alexa.
  4. Make the most of your digital sidekick and create your own skill with the helping hand of Alexa Skill Blueprints. You may be intrigued to know that Alexa can even be your personal fortune teller.
  5. But wait, there's a whole lot more! Check out 10 cool things you didn't know Alexa could do.

Sharing & Caring
  1. Prime members can share various benefits including Prime Video, Twitch Prime, Amazon Photos and FREE Prime Shipping with the whole family by using Amazon Household.
  2. Now you can share your reading benefits — for instance, one adult member can check out 10 titles at once in Prime Reading and select another adult to do the same.
  3. Amazon helps families by making a Prime membership discount available to customers with a valid EBT or Medicaid card. Step into our member corner to read some Prime stories that inspire.

Whole Foods Market
  1. The Prime guide to Whole Foods is a good reminder that you should feel free to consult the experts at Whole Foods Markets when you're planning a party (either now or in advance) to take it to the next level.
  2. Shop smart at the grocery store. Explore Prime rewards at Whole Foods Market to learn which deals are exclusive to Prime members, like taking an additional 10% off of all sale items.
  3. Prime members get even more perks at Whole Foods Markets, including the ability to share the savings benefits with other members of your household. Find out more with five ways to Prime at Whole Foods Market.
  4. You don't necessarily need to plan way ahead to have a great party, but being armed with tips for last-minute hosting from Whole Foods Market, including getting groceries delivered within two hours, could sure help you look like you did.

  1. You don't have to have technical photography knowledge to learn how to make your photos shine with the help of Amazon Photos. Take away some tips that will help you every time you compose an image.
  2. Photo booths are the perfect party trick, but renting them can be expensive unless you know how to make a DIY photo booth. Say cheese!
  3. Even though it's great to live in the moment, there are some photographic memories you'll be glad you have later. Read about the legacy photos you shouldn't forget to take.
  4. The most fun season comes and goes in a flash, but you can have that forever feeling once you've checked out how to capture your summer in photos.

  1. Get some Mother's Day tips for Prime so you're ready to dazzle with your thoughtfulness on Sunday, May 12.
  2. Father's Day comes next on Sunday, June 16, which gives you plenty of time to consider these Father's Day tips with Prime.
  3. Prime members have come up with some pretty cool Halloween crafts from items they've ordered here, and they're sharing their secrets.
  4. Let Prime help you prepare for Thanksgiving in a lot of surprising ways, from keeping guests entertained with games from Twitch Prime to ordering the best ingredients for your meal with Whole Foods Market.
  5. After all your Thanksgiving prep, you'll definitely need some ideas on what to do with all the leftover food after the main event. Consult our remix tips for next-level leftovers and you'll actually look forward to having turkey and the trimmings again.
  6. From thoughtful gifts to holiday meal prep for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, let Prime help you prepare for the holidays and make some room for relaxing.

More Ways to Use Prime
  1. Create an Amazon pet profile for your fur baby and you'll receive a one-time 20% off discount. That's just one of six cool ways pet lovers can use Prime.
  2. Thinking about pitching a tent somewhere? Consult our six ways Prime makes camping easy before you head out into the wilds in order to design a comfortable and adventurous trip that will make memories.
  3. Enjoy a staycation with Prime by transforming your yard into a fun fair, ordering "room service" from Amazon Restaurants or just giving in to the transportive powers of a great book or podcast on Audible.
  4. When it's too hot to even think straight, you're going to want to know all the ways that you can beat the heat with Prime — including frozen treats from Prime Now in select areas.
  5. Need a cute swimsuit, cool picnic basket, colorful beach ball or some life-saving floaties for you and your crew? Make beach time more fun with Prime!
  6. Once the season changes, you'll be ready once you discover how Prime can help you prep for fall, like boosting your immune system with Amazon Elements vitamins and supplements to reduce your chances of being sick once the air gets colder.
  7. Prime can easily help you get organized in the kitchen, for school, work or life — here's five ways to tackle your checklist with Prime.
  8. Being sick is no fun at all, but there are five ways Prime can help you feel better right away, including building up that immune system with Amazon Elements vitamins and supplements.
  9. Discover ways to Prime your wedding, from creating your announcements to planning your honeymoon and everything in between. That's just about guaranteed to take all kinds of stress out of planning.
  10. Getting ready for baby? Learn how to Prime a baby shower, from the invitations to the fresh flowers on the party table.

Best of Prime 2018
  1. And finally, for more ideas, check out what Prime members bought, watched, read, streamed and played most in the past year with the Best of Prime 2018.

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